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Elementary Library Assistant’s Manual

All materials attached to this page are copyrighted by Jordan School District. Persons using any part of the Jordan School District Elementary Library Media Assistant's Manual are required to give credit to Jordan School District.

  1. AV Lamps
  2. Book Repairs - this link takes you to a playlist of videos from Demco showing 13 different "fixes" for various book repair issues.
  3. Call Numbers:
    a. Countries Alphabetically
    b. Countries by Dewey
    c. Equipment
    d. Prefixes
    e. Subject
    f. Subject by Area
    g. US Alphabetically
    h. US by Regions
  4. Computer Issues:
    a. Laptop/Projector
    b. Internet Connection
  5. Donations
  6. Equipment:
    a. Adding New
    b. Discard/Transfer
  7. Fines for Lost or Damaged Books
  8. Forms:
    a. After-hours Checkout
    b. Curriculum Tracker - link to current tracker is on the  Library Media Curriculum Lessons page
    c. Hold a Book
    d. Media Center Schedule
    e. Request for Purchase
    f.  Video/DVD Approval Instructions
    g. Digital Media Preview Form
  9. Guidelines for Elementary Library Media Center
  10. Job Description for Elementary Library Media Assistant
  11. Magazines
    1. Magazine Tracker 2015-16
  12. Processing:
    a. Book Shipments
    b. Books with CDs
  13. Weeding
    1. Please ask your Library Media Specialist for the current DISCARDED LIBRARY MEDIA BOOKS AND MATERIALS form.