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Library Media FAQs for Teachers

What Is the Destiny Online Library Catalog?
It is a searchable database of all the library materials in the school library collection. It is accessible from any location that has an Internet connection.

How Do I Access Destiny from Home and Other Locations?
The web address for Destiny is Go to Destiny. Click on your school.

Do I Need a Library Account to See the Library Collection?
No. You can search and view items in the collection without an account.

Why Should I Have a Library Account?
Having a library account allows teachers to view their check outs, place a reserve and check on overdue materials. Teachers can search both their school’s library and the District Media Center collection at the same time. They can also book videos for check out and delivery from the District Media Center through this account. (They can see reserves, items checked out, and their check out history).

How Do I Set Up A Library Account?
You will need your Skyward NS number. If you don’t know your NS number, ask your school registrar, who will be able to access this number through the Skyward staff screen. Your NS number is the number under your picture.

Enter Destiny and click on your school. In the top right hand corner above the blue bar, click on “Create Account.” Enter your last name in lower case. In the “Barcode” field, enter your NS number.  Enter your birth date. Create your new user name and password and follow any additional instructions.

What Happens if I Lose or Damage a Library Book?
Fines are charged to cover the cost of the loss or damage. Because school library funding is limited, collected fines help replace lost and damaged books.

When Is a Library Book or Other Item Considered Lost?
Library materials are considered lost under any of the following situations:

  • The teacher reports that the item is lost.
  • The item is overdue for more than one month. (The Destiny system automatically marks these items as lost.)
  • The item has not been returned by the year-end designated final due date.

How Are Lost and Damaged Items Fined?

  • Books/materials that have extensive damage, are water damaged, or are unreadable are fined as a lost item based on the original price that is recorded in the Destiny Library Management System. If the original price is not recorded in Destiny, the fine is $20 for a hardcover book and $8 for a paperback book.
  • The fine for a hardcover book older than 10 years is $10 or $5 for a paperback book.
  • The fine for a lost or damaged magazine is $5. The fine for a lost or damaged magazine envelope is $1.
  • Books/materials that have limited damage are assessed according to the type or extent of damage. The fine for a damaged book is $1 per page up to the cost of the book. The fine for a lost or damaged barcode or spine label are both $1.

How Do I Know If I Have a Fine?
You should receive a printed notice from the library that identifies amount of the fine. You are now able to check library fines on Skyward as well.

How Do I Pay a Library Fine?
Library fines in secondary schools are paid in the office.

What If I Find the Book after the Fine Has Been Paid?
Refunds will be given for books that have been returned after the fine has been paid if the book is returned within the school year, the book is returned in good condition, and payment of the fine can be verified.

Can I Check Out a Video from the District Instructional Media Center (IMC) through My School’s Destiny Library Catalog?
Yes. One of the advantages of Destiny is that you may search your school’s library and the District IMC for materials at the same time. After you’ve logged in, all you need to do is check the box in front of “Instructional Media Center.” Uncheck your school location box if you only want to search the IMC. Items located in the IMC will be identified as “Instructional Media Center” in bold print immediately below the title of the item.

How Do I Check Out a Video?
Click the following links for instructions:

How do I Place a Request to Purchase Videos?
Click the link above to go to the District Instructional Media Center website. Complete the Video Purchase Request Preview Form. You may e-mail the completed form to Suzanne Crane at or print it and send it to the Instructional Media Center at the Auxiliary Services Building through district mail.