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Monthly Featured Items


 Look ahead to next month! 


February is Dental Health month!


We have some great Dental Kits and films to help make dental hygiene fun!


Dental Kit Fabulous Four

Fab Four Dental Kit

This kit includes:

Pillowcases for costumes of teeth and gums

Giant set of teeth

Large toothbrush

Basic Lesson Plan

Dentist smock, gloves, mask


**Some items will need to be provided by teacher, if so desired.  (large bowl, chocolate pudding, large marshmallow, apple, sugar snacks, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste samples


Utah Dental Kit

Utah Dental Kit

 This kit includes:

Instruction and Activity Binder

Model of teeth


Dental books

Dentist smock, gloves, mask

Story packet

Posters (including a tooth brushing chart and flossing chart)

Germ puppet packet




Title Series Grade Level Length (min.) DVD/ VHS
Arthur's Tooth/Sick As A Dog Arthur K-3 30 VHS
Clean Kids K-3 15 VHS
Goofy Over Dental Health K-3 13 VHS
Goofy Over Dental Health/How To Catch a Cold Goofy's Health Hits K-3 23 DVD
Health Services Career Clusters 7-12 16 DVD
Healthy Me: Personal Hygiene 1-6 15 DVD
Kindergarten Is…An Orientation to Kindergarten K 7 DVD
Maintaining a Healthy Body Amazing Human Body 9-12 20 DVD
Open Wide: Tooth School Inside K-6 20 DVD
Sparkles Space Adventure K-6 10 VHS
Teeth: The Better to Eat With K-6 15 VHS
The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist The Berenstain Bears K-3 60 DVD
Tooth Fairy Child's Play K-3 10 VHS
Tooth Wisdom K-3 15 VHS
Toothache of the Clown Joy of Growing: A Fantasy 1-3 9 VHS
Toothbrush Family: A Visit From the Tooth Fairy Toothbrush Family K-3 85 VHS
Toothbrush Family: Squeaky, Clean Fun for Everyone Toothbrush Family K-3 90 VHS
Whatsa Hygiene? 4-6 17 VHS